Unifyre Wallet Link drop technology

One wallet.

Redefining the mobile wallet experience with a community ethos,
unparalleled security, and the ability to send crypto anywhere using a link

Endless possibilities.

Next Generation Features Powered by

Ferrum Network


Send crypto as easily as a text

No more hassle of wallet addresses. No more anxiety of sending to the wrong person. With revolutionary Link Drops, send crypto to anyone, over any medium, using a link.

With revolutionary Link Drops, send and request crypto anywhere using a link.

Unifyre link drop text
Unifyre Wallet Security


Protect your assets even if you lose your device

Private key is stored locally and protected with multiple layers of security including server encryption. Peace of mind is knowing you are safe from hacks and mistakes.


Buy leading digital assets using your credit or debit card

Unifyre wallet transactions

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Unifyre Wallet

Product Roadmap

More Features Powered by

Ferrum Network

Interoperable with Ferrum Network products

UniFyre is your gateway to Ferrum’s innovative product line for investing, transacting, exchanging and storing any digital asset

Dapp and Web3 compatibility

UniFyre’s integrated Web3 browser allows you to interact with decentralized applications (Dapps) directly from your wallet.

Non-custodial and private

Hold your assets securely and simply without trusting a third party.

Mobile Staking

Earn crypto rewards with UniFyre’s flexible staking feature.


FRM Holders will receive additional benefits like priority for Link Drops, cash back on crypto purchases, and much more.

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